Rick Cassman

"I have worked with Belinda on numerous projects and she has always added a powerful, melodic and individual voicing to all my material. Her harmonies are spot on and she has a really great character to her lead vocal sound. Highly recommended"

Richard Lightman

"An extraordinary vocal talent. I always enjoy sharing the stage with the most excellent Ms. B"

"I just wish she’d wear some shoes!"




John Fiddler

"Belinda is one of the finest vocalists you will ever have the pleasure of listening to"

"Available for a limited time on an exclusive download from 25 06 2020, is Belinda Campbell's debut single PAINKILLER produced and engineered by me"

"The very first release for Belinda on Living Room Records"

"We co-wrote the song together, and we are working on more songs right now!"

Watch a clip of the PAINKILLER promo video > YouTube

💿PAINKILLER is available to download, or to purchase as a CD at LIVING ROOM RECORDS (John Fiddler of Medicine Head)




Morgan Fisher

"In the 70s in Mott and other bands, I recorded with legendary female chorus groups like Thunderthighs (of "Walk on the Wild Side" fame) and Sue & Sunny. So I was bowled over to hear harmonies of the same richness and emotion added to a track I made recently with John Fiddler. Turns out it was all the work of one extremely talented singer - Belinda! She is also a brilliant solo chanteuse and MASSES of fun to work with. So don't miss out!"

Dzal Martin

"I first ‘worked ‘ with Belinda at John Fiddler’s birthday bash and noticed what a fine voice she had"

"Having seen her rocking out with The Deputies and at the Eel Pie Club, we’ve since gone on to record together and I am impressed by her great range and vocal sound in different styles. Great harmonies too"

Ken Hensley
Uriah Heep

"Take a cup of sweetness, a scoop of totally controlled fire, the soul that knows the difference and an endless, beautiful attitude and you have Belinda, your perfect partner in melodic crime!"

"More than just a great voice, Belinda will give you so much more than you ask for and it all comes from her beautiful heart! Thanks so much Belinda, you really did make our song something very special"

RIP Ken <>< 24 August 1945 - 4 November 2020

Steve Lyon, Panic Button Studios

"Belinda was simply amazing, her vocal dexterity, ideas, willingness to try variations and go with the flow of the recording was simply a pleasure. Her dynamic personality and charm are just effervescent creating a hard working, fun and professional vibe every moment of the recording. We had a blast and the results were just fabulous. I look forward to working with her again and she is my first recommendation for vocals and backing vocals"

Gina Way, Eel Pie Club

"The first time I saw Belinda perform with Rick Cassman and The Deputies I thought 'Janis Joplin reincarnated'. But Belinda's singing has its own definitive wow factor which has resulted in our Eel Pie Club regulars asking for her again and again"

Jack Scott Denton,
Our Propaganda

"Belinda was an instrumental part of our recording process. Her ability to provide vocals that lift a piece is priceless and her lively personality brought an aura of fun. Belinda is a consummate professional and delivers a performance that would take anyone's song to the next level."

"Belinda really adds something to the music which brings it to life, we hope to record with her again. Our debut album wouldn't be the same without her"

Our Propaganda

Alex Dew

“Belinda Campbell is an awesome talent who blows me away with, what I can only describe as a modern day Janis Joplin. Her vocal tone is a soaring mix of passion, fire, fragility and a vibrating energy that hits you like a beautiful realisation of truth. Working and listening to her voice one can only compare it to flying through the most breath taking mountains on the back of a glorious Giant Eagle! I can't recommend Mrs B. enough, truly talented, truly professional and ultimately a “Star”, I guarantee she will breath life and vibrant fire into your track!"

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